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Spy On History : Victor Dowd WW II Ghost Army

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Then solve the mystery using codes hidden in the book and the spycraft materials provided in an envelope inside. Your mission: Find Victor Dowd's missing sketchbook. And discover one of the most unusual stories of World War II. Meet the 603rd Camouflage Engineers, better known as the Ghost Army. This group of artists and sound engineers were trained to deceive the Germans in World War II with everything from fake tanks to loudspeakers broadcasting the sound of marching troops. And meet Victor Dowd, a real-life sergeant who with his fellow Ghost Army troops fought his way from Normandy, through France, and eventually across the Rhine. Second in the Spy on History series, it's a compelling story of a little-known chapter from the war - and a mystery to solve. Using spycraft materials included in a sealed envelope, readers will discover and unravel the clues embedded in the book's text and illustrations, and uncover the mystery of Victor Dowd's missing sketchbook.