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Mark Hunter : High Profit Prospecting

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Search engines and social media have certainly changed how prospecting pipelines for salespeople are built today, but the vitality of the pipeline itself has not. Even today, the key to success for every salesperson is his pipeline of prospects. Top producers are still prospecting. All. The. Time. However, buyers have evolved, therefore your prospecting needs to as well. In High-Profit Prospecting, sales expert Mark Hunter shatters costly prospecting myths and eliminates confusion about what works today. Merging new strategies with proven practices that unfortunately many have given up (much to their demise), this must-have resource for salespeople in every industry will help you:• Find better leads and qualify them quickly• Trade cold calling for informed calling• Tailor your timing and message• Leave a great voicemail and craft a compelling email• Use social media effectively• Leverage referrals• Get past gatekeepers and open new doors• And more for the salesperson, prospecting is still king. Take back control of your pipeline for success!