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Leonard C Green : Entrepreneur Playbook

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Most entrepreneurs have had to learn things the hard way--concepts such as big ideas rarely make great businesses; laboring on a business plan can be a waste of time, and you will need dramatically more start-up money than you originally thought you did. But Len Green, an experienced investor, entrepreneur, and business professor has encapsulated together all the inside secrets, proven strategies, and mistakes experienced so that you can learn it all beforehand, rather than when all your capital is on the line. Based on his popular Ultimate Entrepreneurship course, The Entrepreneur’s Playbook explains how to:• Locate sure-bet opportunities for improving products• Find funding• Take calculated risks and minimize failure• Get serious about positioning, distributing, and licensing• And more! Plus, the invaluable instruction available for readers is now interactive. Dozens of exercises are given throughout the book that can be submitted online for the feedback! Why stumble alone on a risky venture on your way to failure when you can tap into the best ideas and minds for increasing your chances for success?