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Hello Books Scavengers! We're adding our bookshelf and stacking up newly released books. Hope to impress you this Christmas. Stay alert :)
Hello Books Scavengers! We're redesigning the bookshelf and stacking up newly released books. Hope to impress you on April 2020. Stay alert :)

Entrepreneur Voices on Emotional Intelligence

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A recent study showed that 95% of executives think they understand everything they need to know about their behavior and emotions. In reality, the number of business leaders who are self-aware of their emotions and behavior is 10-15%. And that's a problem because being emotionally intelligent enables you to learn from mistakes and grow. And growth is key for anyone running a business.

Entrepreneur Voices on Emotional Intelligence will help readers develop their self-awareness by identifying the traits and signs of entrepreneurs who possess a healthy dose. They'll read insights from Travis Bradberry, the E.I. Guy Harvey Deutschendorf, and BNI founder Dr. Ivan Misner and learn about:
The importance of understanding your strengths and weaknesses
How to nurture healthy and trusting relationships with coworkers
Believing in themselves and being a good judge of character

On the flip side, readers will also learn about the habits of the woefully unself-aware. People who hold grudges, can't let go of mistakes and have no idea what their triggers are and how to regulate them so that they land in the 10-15% bracket and less in the 80% who are lying to themselves.
Readers learn to perceive emotions to better handle the behaviors, personalities, and body language of those around them as they maintain their own emotional intelligence.

With guidance from TalentSmart's co-founder Travis Bradberry, BNI founder Ivan Misner, and licensed counselor Sherrie Campbell and others, readers will be able to evaluate their emotional intelligence (or lack thereof), learn how to perceive the emotions of others, and improve their own emotional and mental fitness to propel their success.