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Hello Books Scavengers! We're adding our bookshelf and stacking up newly released books. Stay alert :)
Hello Books Scavengers! We're adding our bookshelf and stacking up newly released books. Stay alert :)


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"For decades, AMA -- and every other training organization -- has encouraged seminar participants to fill out a ""personal styles survey"" that focuses on the various ways in which people approach their work and relate to others within their organization. Now AMACOM is proud to announce that AMA has a survey of its own (for which we own the content) and one that is superior to the competition in a number of key respects! The AMA DISC Survey This new instrument measures four basic behavioral styles. The survey explains that each of these ""personality types"" has its strong points, as well as possible weaknesses. In this regard, The AMA DISC Survey is ideally suited for programs directed toward: * Personal development * Problem solving and decision making * Time management * Interpersonal relations * Conflict management * Team building * Organizational change Features Unique to The AMA DISC Survey * Work-related: The instructions and the items make it clear that respondents should focus on their on-the-job behavior within their current organization. * Self-scoring: The survey is printed on NCR (no carbon required) paper, which transfers people's responses to the survey to a scoring sheet underneath. This feature helps to minimize response errors while, at the same time, enabling respondents to score and plot their own results. * Efficient: The survey provides a time-efficient way for people to assess and learn about their styles. On average, it takes respondents a total of 20 to 25 minutes to complete the survey, calculate their scores, and plot the results. * Reliable and valid: The AMA DISC Survey meets the American Psychological Association's and the American Educational Research Association's standards for instrument construction and validation. A description of the norms, reliability, and validity of the survey is provided in both the Debriefing Guide and the Facilitator's Manual. The AMA DISC Survey Debriefing Guide The AMA DISC Survey is accompanied by (and shrink-wrapped with) a Debriefing Guide that can be used to facilitate discussion, interpretation, and application of the survey results. The Debriefing Guide consists of seven interactive modules that each take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The modules guide respondents in: * Understanding their personal styles and combination of styles * Analyzing the causes and effects of their styles * Identifying strategies for modifying their styles in ways that will enhance their personal and interpersonal effectiveness Features Unique to The AMA DISC Survey Debriefing Guide * Informative: The Debriefing Guide provides interpretive information for single styles and style combinations, as well as suggestions for enhancing personal and interpersonal effectiveness. * Interactive: Each module requires the respondent to work with the information that they have been provided. Thus, respondents are not just reading about their DISC styles; they are also applying what they have learned in ways that make the information more personally relevant. * Developmental: Two of the modules enable respondents to examine their results along the productive versus counter-productive aspects of each style. In turn, respondents can identify ways of developing the constructive aspects of their style, while, at the same time, reducing those aspects that are less effective. * Flexible: The Debriefing Guide is designed so that it can be used as part of the training program (as exercises) or can be completed by respondents on their own time (as follow-up work). Most of the modules are self-contained and therefore allow the program facilitator or the respondent to pick and choose the modules to focus on. The modules can also be used as the basis for various group activities, as described in The AMA DISC Survey Facilitator's Manual. The AMA DISC Survey is NOT available in AMACOM's regular retail outlets. To order a copy e-mail:, call:800-250-5308, or fax: 518-891-2372."